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Moonstone Pendant on a Leather Cord

Moonstone Pendant on a Leather Cord

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This is a stunning moonstone set in a very intricate bezel setting surrounded by a beautiful dotted detail. The stone setting has an open back so that the light can shine through the moonstone and reveal all of its beauty. The stone hangs from a hinged bail and a 20" long brown leather cord. The moonstone measures ~1.5" in length and 1.25" in width. The total pendant length, including the hinged bail, is 2.25". The silver has a patina satin finish.

Moonstone, also called adularia in mineralogical terms, it is very apt that this variety of the mineral feldspar is named moonstone, for its soft, pearly luster, reminiscent of the moonlight. Healing: -balances the body's blood and lymph systems -relieves indigestion, especially if stress-related -relieves menstrual cramps and helps with other female issues -stabilizes the emotions and releases tension -helps us to empathize with other beings -enhances intuition and imagination 

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