About Us


Welcome to the world of Rose Metals Jewelry, where artist Rose combines her passion for crafting timeless jewelry with the art of die striking. With a deep appreciation for the rich history of jewelry making, Rose embraces traditional techniques that have stood the test of time.

Utilizing the ancient technique of die striking, Rose breathes life into each piece, infusing it with a sense of the past. With utmost precision and skill, she meticulously strikes metal against intricately engraved dies, resulting in exquisitely detailed designs that showcase a remarkable level of craftsmanship.

Every piece created by Rose is a testament to her dedication and expertise, as she uses die striking to preserve and revive the beauty of styles and motifs from bygone eras. From vintage-inspired filigree patterns to Art Deco geometric designs, Rose's jewelry evokes an aura of elegance and nostalgia.

Whether you're seeking a vintage-inspired statement piece or a delicate heirloom, Rose Metals Jewelry offers a captivating collection that reflects the artist's mastery of die striking techniques. Explore the exquisite craftsmanship of Rose's jewelry and rediscover the beauty of the past through breathtaking, handcrafted pieces that will be treasured for generations to come.  

On a more personal note..............

Some say I have crafters ADD but I say, meh!  I just love trying new things and living life to the fullest.  I am an electron microscopist by day and a metal jewelry artist by night.  I have been working in the field of metal jewelry, part time, now for 15 years.  I am a fur mama of 4 (2 dogs, 2 cats) and love scuba diving on the weekends.  

My journey started when I took a Metal Jewelry I class at our local art center. It would amaze me that I could take a simple sheet of metal and turn it into something spectacular.  The shaping of the metal, the metal dust coating your hands, the smell of propane as you light the torch.  I immediately fell in love with metal jewelry and have been creating ever since. I have been expanding into new areas such as torch fire enamel and metal etching, but my most favorite technique is using impression dies and my 20 ton hydraulic press to give my pieces dimension.  

I create pieces in my home based studio where I enjoy blasting some music and getting creative. All in all, I just enjoy creating something beautiful, something I think other people would enjoy wearing. Thank you for stopping into the shop and checking it out!