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Alligator Earrings-Made to Order

Alligator Earrings-Made to Order

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This is the cutest pair of earrings I have made to date, in my opinion.  These alligator earrings look like they are latching on to your ear and never letting go.  The alligators measure 2 3/8" in length and are light weight.  These earrings are backed with a nice sturdy earring back that supports the ear and holds the alligator flush against your ear.  

This die came from Parisi Tool and Die Corp, Providence, RI (military buttons, Art Nouveau).

These earrings are created using a die striking technique. Die striking is a centuries-old technique of making jewelry. Highly demanding in terms of jeweler’s skill and expertise, this technique is not favorable for the mass production, which has brought it on the verge of extinction. For small batch jewelers like myself, I am able to create beautiful, one of a kind pieces.

These earrings are MADE TO ORDER!  Please allow 1-2 weeks for creation.

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