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Boulder Opal Ring Size 9

Boulder Opal Ring Size 9

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This is a gorgeous boulder opal with small flashes of lavender purple, green and blue. This opal is surrounded by an ornate bezel and is set in sterling silver. The ring band is a paisley design, size 9. The stone measures 3/4" across, wears very comfortably, and is finished with a beautiful matte patina.

Opal is often-unfairly- considered to be an unlucky stone. In reality, the many types of opal offer a wide variety of healing benefits, particularly relating to the emotions. The name Opal is derived from the Sanskrit word "upala", meaning "valuable stone". This is believed to be the root word for the Greek term "opallios", which translates as "color change". Boulder opal forms on ironstone boulders in Queensland. This type of opal is often cut with the ironstone left on the back, as the opal seam is usually quite thin. Leaving the ironstone on the back means that boulder opal can be very dark and beautiful in color. The opal forms within the cavities of the boulders in both vertical and horizontal cracks. Boulders vary in shape and size, from as small as a pea, to as big as a family car. Boulder Opal has a tendency to cleave; when cleaved the "split" leaves two faces of opal, with a naturally polished face. 

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