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Claddagh Ring Made to Order

Claddagh Ring Made to Order

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This beautiful Claddagh ring is made in sterling silver and can be made to order in your size as well. This listing is for a current size 7. A Claddagh ring comprises three symbolic elements, and each has its own meaning – A crowned heart held by two hands - Symbolically, the heart represents love, the crown denotes loyalty, and the hands are a sign of friendship.

Hailing from the West of Ireland, the Claddagh ring is now popular throughout the world as a universal symbol of friendship and love.

This ring was made by a die striking method. Die striking is a centuries-old technique of making jewelry. Highly demanding in terms of jeweler’s skill and expertise, this technique is not favorable for the mass production, which has brought it on the verge of extinction. For small batch jewelers like myself, I am able to create beautiful, one of a kind pieces.

This die was created by a company in the 1950's located in Rhode Island.
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