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Crazy Lace Agate Stone Ring Size 6.5

Crazy Lace Agate Stone Ring Size 6.5

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This is a beautiful and unique crazy lace agate stone set in sterling silver. The ring size is a 6.5 and the stone measures 1 1/4" in length. The ring band is a plain wedding style band and the piece is finished with a beautiful antique patina.

Crazy Lace Agate take on all different colors in all different patterns. Each one is unique and you will not find another like it. Some healing functions of agate are; -cools and calms any areas where there is a build up of energy in the body, -gently nurtures and soothes the emotions, -settles an overactive mind, -engenders feelings of belonging in the world, - brings peace and understanding and contentment, -allows exploration of subtle planes of existence, -conveys hidden messages. 

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