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Opal Ring Size 8.25

Opal Ring Size 8.25

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This is a beautiful Caribbean blue opal doublet set in sterling silver with a berry beaded ring band measuring a US8.25.  The stone is a beautiful Caribbean blue with a flash of iridescence and measures 1/4" tall  by 3/8" wide.    

It is said that precious opal, with its display of fire, can spark creativity, and that the "dance" of its fire can help people enjoy their lives. The light-colored gemstones have long been associated with helping people become less visible to others and also in improving eyesight. The gemstone has been associated with the sacral chakra, imbalances of which can cause problems with addictions. Some people believe that opal can help moderate and harmonize sexual desires. European cultures have long believed opal is a symbol of hope, purity and truth.




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