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Opalized Wood Pendant-Sterling Silver

Opalized Wood Pendant-Sterling Silver

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Introducing the Enchanting Opalized Wood Pendant!  Step into a world of mystical elegance with our opalized wood pendant, nestled in a sterling silver embrace. This captivating pendant boasts the timeless allure of opalized wood, seamlessly merging with the sophisticated brilliance of sterling silver.  

Crafted with care and adorned with an intricately embossed paisley design on the back, this pendant is a true testament to the fusion of nature's splendor and artistic craftsmanship. Each layered color in the opalized wood tells a story of ancient forests and timeless beauty, while the sterling silver setting adds an aura of refinement and grace.  

Wear this enchanting pendant with pride, knowing that you carry a piece of history and artistry close to your heart. Let the opalized wood's mesmerizing colors and the sterling silver's radiant shine be a reflection of your own unique charm and allure.  Indulge in the magical allure of the Enchanting Opalized Wood Pendant, and let its whimsical charm captivate your senses!

This pendant hangs from an 18" sterling silver chain.

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