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Pink Paisley Agate Heart Pendant

Pink Paisley Agate Heart Pendant

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This is a beautiful pink paisley agate heart set in sterling silver.  The heart is a pretty pink with flecks of maroon and earthy tones.  The stone is surrounded by an ornate bezel setting and an accented bead frame.  Above the heart sits an adorable succulent that was cast from the real thing.  The back of the pendant is conveniently embossed with a flower paisley design, perfect for its name.  The pendant is finished off with a patina finish to give the piece depth.  The heart measures ~ 1 3/8" in length and hangs from an adjustable blue silk necklace.  

Pink Agate is a lovely stone that packs a punch when it comes to healing energy. Known for possessing protective meaning and useful healing properties (as well as stunning beauty), it has been used by healers for many years.  

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