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The Mermaids Ring with Opal - Size 10

The Mermaids Ring with Opal - Size 10

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This is a stunning sterling silver ring made from an old jewelers die.  The origin of the die is unknown.  The design is a scale like pattern, and with the addition of the beautiful opal, it very reminiscent of the scales on a mermaids tale.   Add a different stone to this ring and it could be the scales on a dragon, or the scales on a snake.  This design is unisex, customized with stone and size.  This listing is the design with the opal and is a size 10.   

This ring was made from recycled sterling silver material.

Romans believed the opal was the most precious and powerful gem and a symbol of love, referred to as the Cupid Stone. That has led to some believing it holds the power to promote romance and passion. It has long been a symbol of hope, purity, and truth. 

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