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Two Waves Sterling Silver Pendant

Two Waves Sterling Silver Pendant

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This is a beautiful pendant of two waves colliding into each other. This pendant was created using an impression die and 20 ton hydraulic press. The pendant hangs from an 18" sterling silver chain and the pendant itself measures ~5/8" in width (longest side).

The sea, with its daunting width and depth, simply stands for life itself. It may be quite calm, but it become raging and even deadly in an instant, with the waves representing the sudden obstacles life throws our way. Waves are one of the strongest, most powerful, natural forces on earth. They've been known to swallow sailors as well as get them to their destinations. You may go against the currents but you'll always get carried away by the waves. Water is purifying, so it could hold a meaning to cleanse, washing away and starting fresh. 

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